How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

How To Conceive A Girl

How To Conceive A Girl

Hello. My name is Cindy and in this article I want to share with you how I stumbled upon some great tips and methods to conceive a girl. If you’re interested, I recommend you to read my story (I guess you’ll find lots of the things you are experimenting right now), but if you’re in a hurry or you want to skip the story, click here to read more about the methods I used to conceive a baby girl, naturally.

The story begins about 3 years ago when my husband and I really wanted to have a daughter also. We already had 2 wonderful little boys (one had 3 months and the older one had 2 years) and we thought it was about time to stop making boys and enrich our family with a little girl.

So I started searching the internet for tips and methods for conceiving a girl. I read almost all the topics on pregnancy from forums and other blogs that were trying to answer these questions that seems to “stress” a lot of couples: “Is it possible chose the gender of the baby? If yes, how to conceive a girl (or a boy)? Which are the methods and what’s the success rate?”.

As you’d imagine, I founds lots of sites discussing about this hot topic of conceiving a girl or a boy, but the problem was that most of the tips and methods recommended seemed to be not so effective. I don’t remember finding at least one single technique that didn’t have at least a few women saying that it didn’t work for them, even though they followed the steps accordingly. And I really didn’t want to let this think to chance, I wanted to make sure I try the best methods available, with the highest chance of conceiving a girl.

The best guide for conceiving a girl or a boy

So I kept searching and I finally found what I was looking for. I read a post on a forum where a woman was recommending a program she tried twice, once to conceive a girl and another time to conceive a boy, and it worked both times. I started researching about the program she was recommending and I found lots of positive reviews, with successful stories from couples that, following the advice in the book, they were able to have the baby they wanted (boy or girl, it worked for both).

The success rate of the methods presented in the program is very high, from more than 8000 couples, over 94% of them succeeded in conceiving the baby they wanted to. Click here to find out the methods that I’m talking about.

The program I’m talking about is available at where Alicia Pennington shares these amazing tips that helped thousands of couples conceive a girl or a boy, whichever they wanted. Without doubts, it’s the most comprehensive guide available online, explaining in great details:

  • why over 87% of the couples are using the WRONG methods when they’re trying to conceive a boy or a girl
  • how the conception really works, and which are the factors that influence the gender of the baby
  • the theory behind the X and Y chromosomes and how you can control which of them to fertilize your eggs
  • the diet programs that are meant to help you to dramatically increase the chances of conceiving a girl or a boy, depending on what you want
  • how to calculate your ovulation date and how this determines the gender of the baby
  • how the sexual positions can affect the sex of the baby (I know, it sounds strange, but actually there are some sexual positions that favor the conception of a girl or a boy)
  • plus many other useful tips and methods.

Want to read more about the success stories after using these methods? I definitely recommend you this program, it helped me conceiving a girl and I’m sure it will help you also.


Tips & Methods for Conceiving a Girl

There has been a lot of debate about the sex of the unborn child. Even in today’s advanced generations, many families regret to have female newborn babies. This is completely wrong to have such thoughts. Many couples who are childless adopt baby girls from orphanages. Everything is in order in today’s generation. There is no difference between a male and female child in bringing up and giving them good education. If you are wondering about how to conceive a girl, then she is the safest tips and techniques that can help you to conceive a baby child?

Sex genetic material determine the gender of the child

When you perform sex, there will be a boy sperm and girl sperm ready to meet your egg. They are known as X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. If at all any of the chromosomes reaches to your egg for ovulation then the sperm becomes dominant and fertilizes the egg in the first attempt. This is the gender selection method which is based upon different chromosomes that are necessary for a boy and a girl. Researchers have revealed that the girl sperm reaches slower than a boy sperm. So, if you have decided to conceive a girl then you need to make a girl sperm friendly settings. Continue reading